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Dementia Care

Kharis healthcare nursing care staffs are highly qualified to care for people with dementia. Our trained staffs assist our clients to feel valued and self-worth for who they are and who they were before the illness. People with dementia are even supported by nursing care staff to have a sense of identity and they may not always aware of their condition.

At Kharis healthcare our nursing care staffs are trained to have self-awareness and even involve dementia sufferers with activities that stimulate their mental health well-being and keep alive their sense of past and present identity. We formulate care plans according to individual needs as they are different types of dementia. Regardless of suffering from dementia respect their privacy and dignity and treated as individuals. All care interventions are recorded daily. Our services are not limited and we offer a 24hr Dementia nursing care service.

Kharis Healthcare supports the government’s National Dementia Strategy (DoH, 2009). The strategy describe dementia as an illness caused when parts of the brain stops functioning properly in someone. The causes are not fully understood and are more common with age getting worse overtime until end of life. Also they can live a good quality life for several years

National Dementia Strategy state that people with dementia have problems with:

  • Thinking clearly
  • Remembering things
  • Communicating
  • Doing activities of daily living e.g personal care

People with dementia may also have problems like

  • Being depressed
  • Mood swings and aggression
  • Wandering or getting lost



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