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Kharis Healthcare | Respite Care

Respite Care

We can provide care for a family member or friend while you are away if required. This may consist of an afternoon, overnight or full live in care package. Kharis Healthcare can help the transition back home following a hospital or convalescent stay. We can provide help with daily tasks to allow you to recover and assist you back to a comfortable level of independence.

The elderly will appreciate a change of environment for their relative who is the main carer to take a holiday whilst being looked after by experienced care staff in the comfort their own home. There won’t be any changes to regular routines e.g going for shopping, bingo and family and friends visiting as usual. A Care Plan will be drawn and agreed to by the service user, carer/family and Kharis Healthcare. These short-term respite cares can be due to hospital discharge needing some form of assistance whilst recovering from illness or operation. A respite care varies depending on your care needs.

The length of our carers stay varies and can be from a few days, weeks or months. Kharis Healthcare continues to support our professional and skilled staffs with personal and professional development in order to deliver a very high standard of quality of care. Your care won’t be compromised but delivered with support and respect in a friendly, homely environment. We shall maintain your confidentiality, privacy and dignity and record every care intervention.



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