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Kharis Healthcare Agency

Kharis Healthcare Agency is a family run business and managed by healthcare professionals who understands the importance of service user’s health, privacy and dignity. As a domiciliary and nursing care agency our success is through promoting independence, recovery and serving people in the comfort of their own homes. As a business in the healthcare industry we believe we have a duty to deliver the right person centered care to individuals and the community at large..


“Innovative and Holistic Care”

Our Mission

Kharis Healthcare is devoted to excellent quality patient care to improve the health and well-being of our community. Our aim is to educate and train our healthcare staff, so that they meet the required health standard to look after people and to provide the highest quality of care in the home care setting .

Our goal is to provide a full range of cost-effective and quality- focused domiciliary and nursing care services to our customers. We aim to build our business through successful case management and person centered care delivery. We will serve our clients with respect and concern, welcoming all suggestions for our service improvement

Our Values

Kharis Healthcare

For the vision to be a success the actions of leadership, staff and healthcare professionals must be directed by the following values: excellence, integrity, trust, respect, teamwork, collaboration and diversity. The Kharis Model of care is holistic and person centered

Expected Care Quality Commission Standards from a regulated agency providing home care are:

unique Care Plans

We shall look at the whole aspect of an individual care package before we draw up a unique Care Plan..

continuous review

We shall continue to review individual’s circumstances regularly

Safety and routine checks

The care, treatment and support will meet your individual needs. Safety will be maintained and routine checks conducted to ensure you receive quality care and proper support.

service user involvement

The service user will be involved and informed with every aspect of care

Our Vision

Kharis Healthcare’s vision is to enhance its position as the leading domiciliary and nursing care agency in East Midlands and West Midlands. We strive to be ranked as one of the top trusted and respected healthcare providers in the UK. As a healthcare provider we believe every individual has a right to care. Therefore healthcare must be made available to each and every individual without any limitations or discrimination.

A non -discrimination attitude must be implemented when it comes to care regardless of nationality, beliefs, race, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, colour, background, mental and financial capacity. Kharis Healthcare aims to provide affordable and accessible care to everyone. gender, sexual orientation, marital status, colour, background, mental and financial capacity. Kharis Healthcare aims to provide affordable and accessible care to everyone.

Our team

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Trinos Dube

Senior project

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Subjects: Current Trends in Mental Health Nursing, Development of the Professional Role, Promoting Mental Health and Recovery, Foundation in Mental Health Nursing, Promoting Equality in Mental Health Nursing, Supporting Mental Health Service Users and Carers in Crisis, Holistic Nursing Practice in Context, Introduction to Nursing, Self-Awareness and Relating to Others

Issues in Public Health, Health Promotion – Foundations for Practice, Men’s Health, Introduction to Epidemiological Methods, World Health, Leadership for Health Care Practitioners,Methods of Research in Health

Environmental Assessment, Professional Communication Skills, Environmental Management Systems, Strategies for Climate Change, Environmental Research Methods, Urban Sustainability


Tandi Dube

Head of Platform

Studied Health and Social Care


Pastorial in put



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