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Kharis Healthcare | Mental Care

Mental Health Care

People with mental health need a service that recognises their special needs and Kharis Healthcare is the service provider of choice. Our staffs have the knowledge and experience to provide a unique and non judgemental service within the community.

Kharis Healthcare provides mental healthcare to people of all ages with mental health care needs. According to (Equality Act, 2010), Kharis Healthcare believes in a non-discriminatory care delivery service to people with mental health care needs regardless of their beliefs or religious background, age, gender, race, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, our management team and healthcare staff are guide by the laws of the country and internal company policies to deliver the highest standard of quality care and support to people with mental health needs.

Mental health affects each and every individual on how we think and feel about ourselves and the impacts of life on our behaviour and our copying in tough times. Mental health and physical health are closely linked and affects our abilities to make informed decisions either amongst our families and friends, work environment and the community. Kharis Healthcare mental health care is holistic and innovative and person centred and our care staff effectively communicates, listens and work with the client, family and friends, GP and the multi-disciplinary teams to agree to a Care Plan which is evaluated every month and when required if there are any changes in the client’s medical and physical health.



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